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Freak-Shoe Friday: Why we must meet the Shopbop Editor!

Photo Credit: paulafanclub

From the numerous fantastic, sleek & sexy designs at, it seems that the editor just loves to pick out unfortunate footwear to showcase. Might it be to push less than stellar selling designs? Or maybe he/she just has a twisted sense of shoe-humor? Not quite sure on this one. Here's a taste of the shoe-insanity and I'll let you come up with your own hypothesis!

Ugly Shoes from Shopbop “Editor's Picks”

1. Obnoxious Detailing

Ash Jezebel wedge boots & American Retro Cru Wedge

Brown buckled straight jacket bootie meets retro footwear gone a little too far. Back.

2. New Hideous Heights

Opening Ceremony thigh high ‘boots' & Diane Von Furstenberg Night boots

Identity crisis sweater/boot meets high fashion Ugg wannabe. Shame on you Diane!

3. Boots Needing Therapy

Joie Knock On Wood suede booties & Loeffler Randall layered boots

…one for depression, the other for apparent multiple personalities.

4. Beastly Boots

Ugg Lonnie & Juicy very high top sneaker

I'd-rather-be-a-classic-Ugg meets preppy Converse copycat.

5. Dowdy Dum

Dolce Vita platform wedge & Rag and Bone Wakerfield

Geriactric foowear fashion at it's best.
Styling tip: add pink bathrobe or mothball infested sweater vest to complete the look!

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Saturday 15th of January 2011

Hahahahah great picks and I love the look on the lady's face at the top of the page #classic xoxo


Saturday 15th of January 2011

It mimics my puzzled face as I try to understand why with so many fabulous shoes on the site, loads of the editor's picks are so 'unfortunate'!