This post was most recently updated on January 21st, 2015

I was horrified to see this pre-Fall 2011 purple nightmare available for purchase at Solestruck for $189.95. Appropriately named Bad Romance, there are just so many ways for one to say oh-no-you-didn’t!

Jeffrey Campbell! But rather than spelling them all out myself, I’m going to let you, fine shoe-knowledgeable, friends list them for me. Or maybe you LOVE ’em?! If so, please please let us know why (and include any perception enhancing substances recently imbibed, if applicable!).


xo ShoeTease


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  2. nluvwshoes Reply

    LMAO maybe it was just an experiement the bad thing about it is I bet they sold a lot of these lol

  3. This shoe would be good to wear in a play about sugar plum fairies or fruits and vegetables. Definitely, a costume heel.

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