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Freak-Shoe Friday: Hogan doesn’t know Best

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There is such beautiful fashion in Italy & even more beautiful shoes: the heels, the heights! So it comes as no surprise that this ongoing Hogan ‘sneaker' plague trend in such a (usually) fashionable country, makes me very sad. Scrap that. It makes me incredibly depressed.

Since moving back to Toronto from Torino, Italy a couple years back, the visual Hogan pollution continues on. For a brand that is able to design some relatively cute shoes, why this style is the most popular among them confounds me. Maybe I'm missing something. Maybe I just have better taste. Who knows?!

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To add insult to injury this clunky “sporty” footwear is usually paired with skinny jeans, for both men & women. And I'm not just talking geriatric fashion here people; teenagers are sporting these. Yes, it makes me cry a little inside too; kind of in the same way leggings (worn as pants) accompanied by Ugg-style boots makes most of us cringe. At this point, I'm not sure which pant-with-shoe pairing is worse! Although if a life or death decision had to be made, bring on the butt-cheek baring spandex & Uggs!


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