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Freak-Shoe Friday – Elf Boot or Louboutin?!

First the kitty paw pump and now something even more beastly, created by the usually golden hands of Christian Louboutin.

Were this launched as a “Holiday” shoe item, I'd almost understand, but as Fall footwear, I'm rather miffed. Surely Louboutin got into the Christmas Elf spirit a little early. Actually, scrap that, he's probably a hard-core humbug wanting to express his distaste with Elves via a little taxidermy inspired boot. Aptly named “Puck”. Ay, Elves in the hands of Louboutin; the tragedy!

Either way, Mr. Louboutin, I am not pleased. Although in all fairness, maybe Loubi's are a little less tragic than these!

That is all.

xo ShoeTease

PS: if you're inclined to purchase a pair of these beauties for $2,300 US, you'd better hurry. Many sizes already sold out at Louboutin's online shop. Yeah, it's puzzling to me as well.

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Friday 9th of September 2011

Bleh.. Reindeer-Elf boots? Horrible.