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Freak-Shoe Friday: Chicken Pox or Shoes?

Writing this installment of Freak-Shoe Friday really hurts. It pains me deeply, actually. I usually find it difficult to do anything but praise high-end shoe designers, especially Brian Atwood, as he more often than not, creates unparallelled footwear. And I mean “unparallelled' in a good way. But I really don't understand WTF Atwood was thinking this time around, creating chicken pox/pimpled peep-toe'd atrocities for our displeasure. Most importantly, I must ask: why this particular color? I mean, really? What's wrong with black, grey or heck, even purple? I am baffled.

So unless you're going to dress up as a disease for Halloween, I'd stay away from these $890 boots. Available at YOOX.

That is all.

But maybe you'd like to tell me if you think these are more chicken pox or shoes?

xo ShoeTease



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Thursday 2nd of June 2011

I say it's chicken pox! lmao


Friday 20th of May 2011

Damn. Normally I love me a good studded shoe but really? Double you tee eff.

xo Niki from A Haute Mess

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