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Freak-Shoe Friday: Put a Cork in it!

Shoes! Joanne Stocker Leather Pumps from luisaviaroma

I'm thinking that I should begin organizing Freak-Shoe Friday footwear by category. You know, sorting them by the likes of “ugly”, “impractical”, “frightening”, “funny” or even “shoes a mother can only love”.

This week's lovely definitely fits the “ugly” bill. There is just something so incongruous to this sandal that I wasn't initially able to put my finger on it.  Until I put an invisible toe in it. Yep, aside from the bizarre mix of clunky multi-colored lucite heel, cork platform & dainty ankle strap, I became aware that the missing platform under the toes is just, well, odd. Kinda makes this sandal look a little buck-toothed don't cha think? Some might call it avant garde. I just call it “ugly”.

You want a piece of this corky yellow shoe? Get your pair at Luisaviaroma on sale (& don't all rush at once now!). At least you'll rest easy at night knowing that you're gonna be right on trend with next summer's prominent citrus hues.

xo ShoeTease

Photo Credit: luisaviaroma

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