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Freak-Shoe Friday: S’mores USB Slippers Y’all!

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Forget about puppies & bunnies: these slippers are the cutest shoes I've seen! Ay, love a good shoe that makes me laugh (for a good reason!). Chubby, cuddly & actually useful, I'm craving a pair of these for myself. And a real s'more while I'm at it too, please!

So essentially, you just plug them into a USB port & they heat up, keeping your tootsies warm wherever you are.  Literally anywhere. I'd love to see a TTC passenger wearing these plugged into their laptop, while sitting snugly in their subway seat.

It would make me (& really anyone for that matter), smile. Happy smiley Friday y'all 🙂

That is all.

xo ShoeTease
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