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Freak-Shoe Friday: Is that an Octopus on my Heel?

strange heels freak shoe friday octopus tentacle heels by conspiracy


Finally, a Freak-Shoe Friday stiletto I would actually wear! Said by someone who finds tentacles kinda creepy. Well, real ones anyhow! These are hands-down the most jaw-dropping shoes I have seen in a while.

Sinuous & sculptural, these heels almost makes an octopus look, uhm, sexy? (Can I even say that here?!). Man, I'm gonna lose some major readers after this one! Be that as it may, I'm bizarrely attracted to this shoe. Oh goodness, could I have a fish fetish?! That's a disturbing thought.

That is all.

xo ShoeTease

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Friday 31st of January 2014

Who makes this shoe? I've been looking and I can't find it anywhere?