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Freak-Shoe Friday: Earring Stabbing Stilettos!

Freak-Shoe Friday: Silver Shoes Earrings Burlesque bow Heels by Sarah Burchill

…then comes a Freak-Shoe Friday post that doesn't even feature shoes for your feet! Had to do a double take on this one, didn't ya?! Aside from the first-glance creepy S&M vibe of the image, the concept of stiletto bow heels piercing their heels through an earring hole is pretty creative stuff. And to think that these itty-bitty creations are hand-carved by Swedish resident Sarah Burchill (who just so happens to have roots in Canada), is rather impressive. Kinda makes the “regular” Italian artisan shoe-maker's job seem like a piece of cake!

Not sure about you, but I'd be more than happy to wear these “freaky” shoes, aka non-shoes, in my ears anytime.  Well, except while sleeping. Wouldn't like to have a mini stiletto pierce my skull, thank you very much.

$212 CAD for the set at Sarah's Etsy shop.

xo ShoeTease

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