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Your Most Comfortable Nude Heels EVER!

Your Most Comfortable Nude Heels EVER!

Sofia-Z Nude High Heel Shoes

Let's talk about nude heels (& eventually the most comfortable nude heels too) shall we? “Nude” shoes are a closet essential, packed full of fashion benefits! I mean, what do these shoes not work with, really?! From boardroom attire, casual ensembles & even a cocktail party or two, nude heels will generally work with any clothing, season & place (and not to mention, a refreshing change from boring ‘ol jet-black)!

However, choosing the right shade of what will surely be your most versatile shoe, is possibly the most important aspect for when you're shopping around for a pair of nude heels. A “nude” hue is not necessarily synonymous with a blush tone (unless you're a pasty Italian like myself), but should come close to one's skin tone. That, my friends, will allow you to achieve a seamless legs-that-go-on-for-miles effect that starts at your toes, rather than your ankles. I've yet to meet a woman (or a man for that matter!) who didn't want to create the effect of a longer, leaner leg, so I'd definitely say the last point is what makes these shoes a no-brainer to stock up on. Slap on a pair of short shorts, or cute mini & let them nude high heels do the trick!

Although I'd love to add a pair of nude pointy toe pumps to my closet (I've got my eye on a pair of patent Louboutin “Pigalle” pumps myself!), my nude peep-toe needs have been recently fulfilled! I've been lucky enough to get my grabby hands on these pretty “Isabel” peep-toes from Sofia-Z, a Brazilian-made shoe company that prides itself in providing the highest level of high heel comfort. And I must admit that these are possibly the most comfortable heels I've even worn. And although comfort might not be important to some, it is for me. I walk. I walk-run. A lot. And I find it discouraging to have to sacrifice style for comfort, when lugging/chasing around a 2-year old or on an errand mission, where I generally need to move quickly.

Sophia-Z shoes are made with high quality leathers & a grippy rubber outsole (great for preventing tripping!). Because these are more on the wide shoe spectrum, they will fit an average to larger foot width best. I have a slim foot & need to wear an front insole to reduce the gap around the toes.

Photos by HZD Photography

Street Style - Hawaiian Tshirt & Nude High Heels

The most comfortable high heels in nude

Street Style - Hawaiian Tshirt & Nude High Heels Street Style - Hawaiian Tshirt & Nude High Heels Testing out Shoes: Sofia-Z Nude High Heels

Comfortable Nude Heels: c/o Sofia-Z. Fringe Purse: Winners. Vans Sunglasses. Hawaiian Print Tee: Tommy Bahama. 

xo Cristina M.

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Grace Mattei

Friday 18th of July 2014

Great look! Love the Hawaiian top-I just bought one recently too! The pictures are really crisp and beautiful too-perfect lighting! :)

xo, grace (


Monday 21st of July 2014

Thanks so much Grace; Hawaiian prints just make me happy! But gotta hand it to photog Hannah for the great pics ;)

xo Cristina

Patrícia Marques

Thursday 17th of July 2014

A perfect casual outfit!



Monday 21st of July 2014

Thanks Patricia! And these heels are so comfy, they might as well be sneakers :)

xo Cristina