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A Shameless Summer in Flats

Salvatore ferragamo shoes Varina bow flats mint greenSalvatore Ferragamo Mint Green “Varina” Flats

September 21st marks the end of Summer & as that date has just come & gone, hot sunny day nostalgia hits & entices me to reminisce about my summer shoes. So my Big Bad Confession is how my Summer was riddled with flats. Yes, you read right. Flats. GASP, OMG. THE NERVE! But to be truly honest, Summer 2012 was ‘plagued' with them too. Yes, shameful.

chie mihara green flats strap gipsy shoesChie Mihara “Gipsy” Flat Strappy Sandals (source)

Gone are my days of wearing even the slightest heel for an ice cream chassay to the corner store. Last year's excuse? Newborn. A fairly legitimate reason, although I did wear my favourite wedges for  (possibly one?) night out.  This year's, flat-wearing excuse? 30 pound baby. Yep, you got it, just blame the baby (thank goodness for therapy!). Lugging around a suitcase-sized tot in heels is just not conducive to productive or safe walking. Even for that bi, or rather, tri-weekly HäagenDazs run. Just that this summer, I upgraded my horizontally inclined talon wardrobe to include some Ferragamos & Chie Miharas. And I tweeted and Instagramed them & generally let the world know that I was WEARING FLATS. You know, in case there was any confusion.

instagram Crocs huarache flats sandals shoeteaseCrocs “Huarache” Multi-Coloured Flats

Although to my Twitter friends' horror (and many unfollows later), I spoke about my present, almost chronic “use” of Crocs. Yes, Crocs. But not the original fug kind; the new, cute kind. Which have become a bit of a vice.

They're just too comfortable & fun not to wear (worth noting that my beautiful mint Sals gave me blisters. Mental ones too, after the price paid for 'em!).

Call me sad, call me pathetic, but I ain't wearing my Louboutins to the park, y'all.  I also don't own any Loubies (yet/possibly ever) but that's besides the point.

Albeit not as popular as the high heeled variety, I believe a healthy dose of flat shoes in anyone's footwear wardrobe is good for the soul. Especially a mommy's sole. Yes, cheesy pun intended. Unless, of course, you're super-star Beyoncé-like & kick around with baby in tow, wearing platform stiletto booties in the summer.

But then again, we all know that holding your wee one while your nanny scampers off for her 3 minute bathroom brake to let the paps get a good photo op doesn't really count, now does it?! 😉

xo ShoeTease

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