White Shoes after labor day Fall outfitQuestion: Can you wear white shoes after Labor Day?

This is a question I’ve actually been asked a few times in my shoe blogging “career”.  Answering whether we can, in fact, wear white footwear after labor day heavily depends on where you are located in this circular little world! Someone like me, who currently lives in Toronto, Canada would definitely answer that questions a little differently than say, a woman living in Miami or Sydney, Australia. That being said, it also depends on when it is you plan on wearing those white shoes!

Pink Shoes outfit with Blush Skirt

Wearing Pink Shoes in the Fall for BCA Month

It’s pink shoes month! You know, it being October & the month to think pink again?! And as I do think with my feet, I’ve taken out my vibrant fuchsia heels out to play for fall, as a token to Breast Cancer Awareness. These are serious attention grabbing heels, here in Toronto! I love pink, especially pink heels, but it’s often a bit of a trying color to style, especially when dealing with the hot pink variety.