Black Jumpsuit for a wedding

Want to wear a jumpsuit to a wedding? Or to a cocktail party? Can you even? Yes, yes you can! Of course, what shoes you choose to style with said jumpsuit is of utmost importance! Now, I’m a fan of the wearing a simple black jumpsuit when it comes to going to a wedding or a fancy affair. And I’d better know how to do it by now: I’ve had this black jersey jumpsuit for years & lucky for me, they’ve become quite the staple fashion item! So why not wear one with dressy accessories & feel a little la-di-da?! The great thing about these full-length rompers is the ability to dress them up for such occasions (as well as the ability to dress them oh-so down!). Normally I love wearing one in lieu of a tracksuit just for bumming around the house, but this time around I decided it was time to dress it up a little.

So enter these towering 5″ rose-gold stilettos by ZIGIny, generously gifted to me by Underground 30 (where you can find shoes for $30 or 30% off & free shipping in Canada!). The detailing on these t-strap stilettos is quite impressive: mirror metallic leather uppers with lace-insert bows & crystal appliqués with multi-size spiked studs. Yeah, that was a long run-on sentence! They’re sexy, they’re aggressively feminine, but be warned: these are sitting pretty only shoes! Although these heels have a lot going on, the fact that they match my skin ton,e make them subtle & delicate & don’t over power the black jumpsuit. Because we’re no longer living in the 80s here, people (albeit many would love to beg to differ. That’s what the comment section is for!).

rose gold heels for a black jumpsuit

I also played matchy-matchy with a metallic rose gold & beige clutch from GAP, along with a chunky vintage bracelet. I picked up this specific black jumpsuit in Italy from Carla G, but I’ve found some almost identical alternatives, pictured below (end of post). And yes, thanks for noticing: bras are optional, but not for the faint of heart! I’d suggest a jumpsuit that is not as revealing if attending a wedding or even with a more conservative crowd, or to simply wear a tube top underneath (American Apparel has some excellent choices). So here’s my round-up of tips on how to dress up a black jumpsuit for a wedding or special occasion:

How to Dress up a Black Jumpsuit for a Wedding or Party

  • Do pick a flattering, simple black jumpsuit. Make sure at least the top or pant portion is somewhat fitted. We don’t want you looking like you’re wearing a black sack!
  • Stretchy jersey jumpsuits are great as they wrinkle very little & offer unparalleled comfort.
  • If think you might get chilly, a black tuxedo-like blazer or shawl (pashmina-style) look most elegant.
  • A high heel style that won’t overpower the jumpsuit work best. These minimalist high heel strappy sandals from Stuart Weitzman or Steve Madden are personal favourites.
  • Steer clear of round-toe pumps or high platform shoes: they’ll look too clunky.
  • Blush tones, simple black or white are the best high heel colour choices.
  • Pick a medium to small sized clutch that has a some shine or sparkle to it. Texture is even more important if you’re opting for a black one to match the jumpsuit!

Photos by HZD Photography

Black Jumpsuit for a wedding

rose gold heels for a black jumpsuit Black Jumpsuit for a wedding

Stiletto Sandals: Zigi NY c/o Underground30. Black Jumpsuit: Carla G. (similar here+ here). Rose Gold Clutch: GAP. Chain Bracelet: Vintage. Gold Rings: Aldo

xo Cristina M.

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Vintage Flats - Sergio Rossi Loafers


Vintage Black Loafers for Fall

Fashion loafers (vs. the traditional “penny” variety) are once again a trendy shoe item for Fall and I’ve been lucking out for the past few seasons with these black vintage Sergio Rossi slippers. Yes, they are astrology-themed & although I’m a Sagittarius myself, the gold graphic is based on the Leo sign. Makes me wonder if they created them for each astrological sign, or if Leo (“Leone” in Italian) is based on Sergio Rossi’s birth date? Maybe I’ll look into that at a later day, but for now, all I know is that these horoscope black flats were a creative print idea. The great thing about them is that they easily take me from day to night & match my wardrobe so well that I’m almost scared of walking in them too often in the fear of wearing them out! Of course, they look best with black pants, so that the gold print stands out most, makin them an ideal match with gold accented accessories. These shoes are quirky and like most rare vintage finds, it’s hard to find something extremely similar. That being said, I did dig around a little to see what quirky, flats are available for purchase online & was pleased with the results.  Chiarra Ferragni & Charlotte Olympia’s loafer flats definitely come closes to the look of my Rossi slippers, but I’ve added some less expensive alternatives as well. Take a look, below…

Photos by: Leonard Chen Vintage Flats - Sergio Rossi Loafers
Vintage Black Loafers for Fall
Vintage Flats - Sergio Rossi Loafers
Vintage Black Loafers for Fall Vintage Flats - Sergio Rossi Loafers Vintage Black Loafers for Fall

Loafers: vintage Sergio Rossi (similar + love these). Black Jeans: Gap. Camo Tee: Joe Fresh (similar here + here). Purse: Emma Fox (black version + similar). Necklace: Banana Republic, old. Gold Watch: Aldo (similar). Gold Rings: Aldo.

xo Cristina M.

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white pumps fringe purse

Wearing White After Labor Day

It would seem that supposed rules of wearing white after labor day (or rather not wearing white after labor day!) have become obsolete, with countless magazine editorials, fashion bloggers & street style fashionistas wearing either partial white outfits or going full throttle with head-to-toe post-summer white on white looks. But then again, is this really surprising? With the weather having changed so much over the past couple of years, I say the hell with the no white after labor day blabber & wear what you will!

To hang onto the remnants of summer, along with its lighter-hued wardrobe, I recently opted for a primarily white outfit myself, including my newly dubbed “white after labor day” Alexander Wang cap-toe heels, off-white purse from Winners, sporty tank from Gap & white lace-insert skirt from Zara. And although it was rather windy last week (no, my hair doesn’t get all side-swept & wind-blown naturally!), it clocked in the hottest few days we’ve seen all summer, here in Toronto. Since Wednesday, however, the tables have turned, with the torrential rain washing away the last of the summer heat, making way for Fall. And Fall clothes & shoes, which all make the thought of colder months to come, a tad more tolerable, really!

But the question is: will you let the cooler days wash away your sartorial whites or will you keep wearing white shoes & clothing long past labor day?

Photography by: Leonard Shen

 white pumps fringe purse 1 lace skirt street style 1 Lace skirt
lace skirt street style 3

White Heels – Alexander Wang. Fringe Purse – Winners (similar). Lace Skirt – Zara (similar). White Tank – Gap (similar). Denim Jacket – Gap (similar here, here). Crystal Bracelet: Banana Republic. Chain Necklace: vintage. 

Shop the Post

xo Cristina M.

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Comfortable Nude Shoes with Shoe Jewelry

 Comfortable Nude Shoes Street Style

Nude shoes are the perfect blend-into-any-outfit type of shoe, but when you want to make them pop or dressier, nothing works quite as well as a little jewelry. Shoe jewelry, that is! I’m a big fan of my Shoelery by E.G. “Regal” faux-diamond shoe accessories & I’ve styled them a multitude of times with my Nine West black pumps here and here. I’d never thought of adding them onto a peep-toe until I was playing around with my Sofia Z sandals, some shoe clips & voila’! This diamond-meets-nude-sandal look is the perfect way to achieve a high-end looking wedding/bridal/party shoe without breaking the bank. Yet, it’s also a fun way to dress up an everyday outfit, such as a pair of jeans (which just so happens to be my go-to uniform), giving the look a bit of a surprising twist. And why not? It’s almost time to put them toe & heel baring styles away for the brrrrighter Toronto months anyhow, so why not have a little fun while we still can!?

Photos by: HZD Photography

Comfortable Nude Shoes with Shoe Jewelry

Distressed Denim Street style

 Comfortable Nude Shoes Street Style  Comfortable Nude Shoes with Shoe Jewelry

High Heels: Sofia Z Shoes. Shoe Clips: Shoelery by Erica Giuliani. Distressed Jeans: Gap. Polka-dot Blouse: Anthropologie. Two-tone Purse: Emma Fox. Crystal Bracelet: Banana Repulic. Sunglasses: Peter Pilotto for Target. 

xo Cristina M.

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Stuart Weitzman‘s “Nudist” sandal has been the shoe trend phenomenon this past summer, worn not only by a multitude of celebrities during red carpet appearances such as Nicola Peltz, seen here, wearing the black version, but also featured on a slew of fashion bloggers’ feet. The minimalist sandal will surely continue trending & even though we are transitioning into Fall, the barely-there sandal is a great staple to have in your wardrobe for indoor cocktail parties, special outings & a wedding reception or two! It’s the perfect shoe for when you’d like your clothes to speak louder than your footwear. For once! Oh & did I mention some of the copycat colours are now on sale?!

Stuart Weitzman's Nudist Sandal for Less

Although there have been a vast array of less expensive “nudist” copycats around, the knock-off sandal style that comes the absolute closest to Weitzman’s more expensive version, is Steve Madden‘s “Stecy“. Not surprising, really, as Madden could easily be crowned King of designer shoe knock-offs (well, maybe? possibly? second to Jeffrey Campbell?). The Madden brand is really, really good at their unrelentless copying (see its take on Brian Atwood here!), which is more than evident with the outcome of the “Stecy“. Online reviews of Madden’s $80 version have been mixed, as it seems to fit a slimmer foot & ankle, which from what I understand is a close fit to the actual Nudist itself.

Here is a rundown of the specs of each shoe style to give you a better idea, along with celeb & blogger street style imagery pinched from Pinterest for visual comparison.

Steve Madden “Stecy”

Steve Madden Stecy Street Style

Materials: Leather upper. Synthetic lining & outsole.

Heel Height: 3 3/4″

Other: Adjustable ankle strap with a buckle closure. Lightly padded insole.

Retail Price: Approx. $86

Stuart Weitzman “Nudist”

Stuart Weitzman Nudist SAndals Street Style

Materials: Leather upper, lining & outsole.

Heel Height: 4 1/2″

Other: Adjustable ankle strap with a buckle closure. No insole padding.

Retail Price: Starting at $400

So yes, the Madden version has a slightly lower heel & padded insole (which can be considered added value, allowing for greater comfort!). It has a synthetic lining & outsole vs. leather ones. The toe strap is slightly thicker. But all in all, it’s an aesthetically pleasing duplicate & if the fit of the shoe works well for your foot, it’s definitely a bargain at 1/5 of Weitzman’s original. Unless, of course, you’ve seen the Wolf of Wall Street & have a developed a deep-seeded issue with Madden’s shady past ;)

Shop Steve Madden “Stecy”:


Shop Stuart Weitzman “Nudist”:

xo Cristina M.
Photo Credits:,

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