Wearing Pink Shoes in the Fall for BCA Month

Pink shoes outfit for BCA 4 Pink shoes outfit for BCA 1

It’s pink shoes month! You know, it being October & the month to think pink again?! And as I do think with my feet, I’ve taken out my vibrant fuchsia heels out to play for fall, as a token to Breast Cancer Awareness. These are serious attention grabbing heels, here in Toronto! I love pink, especially pink heels, but it’s often a bit of a trying color to style, especially when dealing with the hot pink variety. In these cases keeping such strong statement hues as a simple pop in your look is often the best way to go. Leave Rihanna & Gwen Stefani & other such fashion-forward celebrities to take the fashion risks associated with vibrant fuchsia maxi dresses & jumpsuits! They do live in celeb LALALand, after all, so they can usually get away with looking like human Barbie dolls over yonder!

This outfit styling was actually inspired by a fabulous image I repinned on Pinterest a while back, originating from Lauren Conrad’s website. It’s a street style shot of a lady wearing a baby pink tutu-like midi skirt & pink heels, cropped from the knees down. I’ve been wanting to copy this look for a while now, so last week I rummaged through my closet to find the closest piece I had to it: a soft mesh blush skirt from a few years ago & decided to go with it. I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit neutral, so I opted for grey & greige tones (black being too harsh & white likely to drown out the skirt). I found this sweater a couple of weeks ago from Winners & I love the 3D textured weave of the knit. And so cozy too! I didn’t stray far off with the grey/crystal bracelet & crushed silver purse. Now that pewter stacked necklaces are all the rage, I figured why not? The necklaces are a mix of hand-made, vintage & an older find. The pink pearls recall a pinker blush tone of the skirt, which I love. Although most of the items worn in this post (including these pink pumps from Banana Republic) are from previous collections, I’ve suggested similar products at the bottom of the post.

Will you be wearing pink this month?

Check out a previous post on how I styled these pink heels with blue jeans & denim!

Photography by: Conrad Collaco

Pink shoes outfit for BCA 2 Pink shoes outfit for BCA 3

pink layer necklace

Pink shoes outfit for BCA

pink shoes for bca

Pink Pumps: Banana Republic // Skirt: Gap // Clutch: Milly // Sweater: Winners // Necklaces: Various

Shop the Look:

xo Cristina M.

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Leopard print shoes & other fall shoe trends from the current 2014, or even previous seasons, make a great base for an easy Halloween costume. That is, if you’re willing to take it to over-the-top, total look territory. Do so & you’ve got yourself simple, homemade, Oct 31st attire that’s so bad, it’s great! So as we all love shoes over here, I’m banking on most of you having one of the following footwear types in your shoe closet: leopard print shoes, cobalt blue shoes, or fringe boots to act as a base for your new fashion faux-pas turned Halloween outfit. All other clothing can be easily borrowed from friends if they’re so willing!

Easy Halloween Costumes Starting with Fall Shoe Trends

1.  Leopard Print Shoes + Leopard Clothing = Wild Cat or Clueless Fashion Blogger

Fall Shoe Trends for Easy Halloween Costumes

Let’s start with one of my favorite recurring fall shoe trends: leopard print shoes. Now we’ve all seen how to style leopard heels in an aesthetically pleasing manner, but that’s not what we’re going for over here. Obviously. So if to your trendy spotted shoes (I’m wearing a pair from the current InStyle for Nine West Collection), you add leopard print clothing, purse, hat, heck even sunglasses, you’ve got yourself an easy full-on kitty cat (or dare I say Leopard, BWAHAHHA) halloween costume. I’d highly recommend you add on some cat ears & tail for a full-on feline effect (see pic below). Otherwise your costume will surely be misrepresented for that of the Clueless Fashion Blogger. Which is a solid alternate outfit choice, if I may say so myself. No joke here folks; I’ve actually seen fashion bloggers dead-pan it in head-to-toe animal print & I’m not gonna lie: it’s given me a good laugh on a rainy day! So if this Halloween you decide to cover up in cheetah, leopard, or something of the sort, sans kitty accoutrements, you’ve got yourself the perfect fashion police costume too! So the question is: to be a feline lady, or a walking & talking fashion-faux pas? I’d personally go for the latter; it being much more ironic & such. Proof that leopard print is not a neutral.

Fall Shoe Trends for Halloween3

2. Cobalt Blue Shoes + Clothing = Grover or Crayola Marker

Fall Shoe Trends for Halloween

Less dramatic than the leopard print shoes trend (but even easier to pull together), cobalt blue shoes will get you some good Halloween costume mileage, if worn with the proper bright blue attire. Now if you’re going for the Grover look, I’d add on a homemade mask of the Sesame Street character, or carry around a small version of the guy himself. Just so that the lesser TV cultured folk get the gist of what you’re going for. If you can’t find the cute Grover doll, I’d recommend grabbing a ubiquitous Tickle-Me-Elmo from your nearest niece or nephew/Craigslist toy posting & spray painting it blue. But to make the BESTEST impact would be to style your costume with cobalt UGG boots. Yes, they exist & they’re on sale. Stop squealing with delight now, I’m being bitchy. That’s right: so disastrously ugly that nobody wants them, but they can be YOURS for the lucky discounted price of whathaveyou just so you can get your Grover on!! See photoshopped image, below. However, there’s a catch: I’m not telling you where to get them. It’d be against ShoeTease policy, really, & I’d be scared you’d eventually get lazy, take a liking to them & wear them out in the open as a regular pair of shoes & that my friends, I could not handle.

Fall Shoe Trends for Halloween

Grover not sexy enough for ya? Take the cobalt total look plunge & transform yourself into a human Crayola marker! Just add white face paint (I take no responsibility in the political correctness or lack thereof) & make a simple matching blue felt hat, stapling it into a cylindrical form. Place on head & voilà!

3. Fringe Boots – Hyper Hippie

Fall Shoe Trends Fringe Halloween Costume

The last, but not least, easy Halloween costume based on a fall shoe trend (& another unfortunate full fledged look I’ve seen fashion bloggers proudly wear) is the fringed shoe, mainly manifested in boots this season. I actually love boots with a touch of fringe, but as I’ve yet to own a pair (yes, I know: shocking!) & unable to model this third look for you (how many clothes/shoes do you think I have, really?!), I’ve put together a Polyvore-style mock up for you to get inspired by. Now, depending on what type of fringe boots you wear, you can either go for either a country-western hippie, or culturally unethical urban-hippie-meets-Pocahontas-type, as pictured above. Or just simply morph into a literal poster child for Free People, albeit wearing a $4,000 designer skirt & $2,000 bucket bag. Hey, I didn’t say these easy Halloween costumes would come cheap! ;)

Happy Halloween costuming!

xo Cristina M.

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Cobalt blue Shoes for Fall 2014

cobalt blue shoes for fall 2014

It’s as if the moment the leaves start turning yellow, Torontonians cease to wear color. And what a shame that is, because bright bursts of colors are exactly what we need to perk ourselves up in the midst of the cooling temperatures. Why not copy the weather & at least wear some cool hues on your feet, such as cobalt blue shoes?! Toronto especially is a great city to adopt a Fall color philosophy. Why? Because you’ll likely stand apart from the crowd, you know, if you’re into that! I just love bright blue pumps & ankle boots & any other accessory in that shade for that matter. And as they’ve been trending for a while now. Just take a look at a previous post about cobalt shoes. You’ve likely got a pair stashed in that shoe closet of yours that to throw on with the neutrals you’re likely wearing as you read this!

Colorful shoes just give an energetic, positive boost to any outfit. If you’re going for a bright blue hue, burgundy & muted wine tones are extremely complimentary to cobalt in particular. With the current outfit featured in the post, I’ve styled my high heel pumps from last year’s BR collection with: a patent leather skirt from Loewe, cable knit/sweatshirt hybrid from Joe Fresh & my go-to 2-tone grey hat from Zara. I threw in a crushed metallic clutch for textural contrast, just because! If you’re inspired by cobalt blue shoes & don’t own a pair, check out some of my finds, below. Does this location look familiar to you? We shot this look with Leonard Chen‘s photographic skills right around the corner of Designer’s Walk in the Yorkville/Annex area of Toronto.

cobalt blue shoes for fall 2014

silver clutch outfit

cobalt blue shoes for fall 2014

cobalt blue shoes for fall 2014

Cobalt blue Shoes for Fall 2014

cobalt blue shoes for fall 2014

Blue Suede Shoes: Banana Republic // Baseball Tee: Joe Fresh // Burgundy Skirt: Loewe// Silver Clutch: Milly // Baseball Cap: Zara

Shop Cobalt Blue Shoes for Fall 2014

xo Cristina M.

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Ugly Shoes Designer Crocs

When I come across ugly shoes, it makes me sad. When my eyes cross paths with ugly designer shoes (such as these black plastic “Glove” pumps by Karl Lagerfeld for Melissa) it just makes me weep. Quite literally. And even more so in this case, because this particular black footwear atrocity bears a striking resemblance to Crocs (if you’re unfamiliar with the mind-numbing gardening sandal sensation, please see the image below). Karl’s version is meant to be inspired by Lagerfeld’s own staple driving glove, hence the name of the shoe & the resulting aesthetic: small multi-perforations & bigger holes meant for knuckles. However, I don’t buy it. I don’t look at this peep-toe pump & automatically think “Glove, Yes!”. I just think “Crocs. Hell No!”.

Sorry, Uncle Karl, but these designer pumps are clearly & ever so logically inspired by the classic (yes, “Classic”!) black sandals confiscated by many a fashion police member. Maybe Mr. Lagerfeld ran out of ideas. Or this may be his take on twisted designer irony that none of us will ever quite fully understand. I do, however, know very deep within my cynical & critical heart that this shoe is far too similar to a simpleton Croc to be ignored. Well, except for the heels & such. Listed below is my vaguely academic reasoning for thinking such impure footwear thoughts…

Classic Crocs in Black

5 Reasons Karl’s Black Sandals Might as well be Designer Crocs:

  1. Large Perforations: not only reminiscent of those found on Classic Crocs, but also suspiciously the same size. Things that make you go hmmm…
  2. Plastic Material: how many plastic shoes have you seen in your lifetime? Aside from…you got it. Crocs!!??
  3. Matte Material: and how many of those plastic shoes happen to be MATTE. And BLACK? Answer: not too bloody many!
  4. Ankle Straps: Crocs have an ankle strap. Karl Lagerfeld “Glove” pumps have an ankle strap. Coincidence? Possibly. Not.
  5. “D” Shaped Holes: Crocs might have smaller & multiple ones, but they are strikingly similar to the peep-toe on Karl’s version & on both version just happen to be at the front bottom edge.

I may be the only fool to not “understand” these designer heels & for all I know, others may even find them inspiring (avialable from Shopbop & Nordstrom for those of you. You know who you are!!). Suffice to say that there is a huge Crocs following out there & I will likely be outnumbered in my disgust of Karl’s Crocs-like creation. I’m honestly just shocked that no one else has made the connection sooner.

So the man who designs Chanel has created designer Crocs. I will remain horrified for quite some time.

That is all.
xo Cristina M.
Photo Credit: softmoc.com, google.com

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Miranda Kerr Jumpsuit Moto Look For LessMiranda Kerr in this sexy kitten-like ensemble, wearing fantastic black ankle strap heels with enormous gold studs by Giuseppe Zanotti with matching cut-out legging/tee (or is it a jumpsuit?), is one of my favorite looks from last week’s street style captures during fashion week. This fantastic photo, taken outside the Sonia Rykiel show in Paris, will definitely a memorable Miranda Kerr look for weeks to come! The subdued, yet intricate outfit & fabulous Balmain leather moto jacket do the black ankle strap heels justice by letting them shine, while the quilted Dior purse in both color & hardware recall & pair up nicely with the über studded Zanotti beauties. The oversize aviator sunglasses by Oliver Peoples also give a nice touch of understated glam with a rock n’ roll feel to the whole outfit. There is a reason this supermodel is a sought out celebrity for her outfits  & enviable shoes, folks, & this is yet another token of proof!

I literally want to own each of these pieces! However, her look, is just as lovely as it is expensive. If you’re interested, the black ankle strap heels with studs can be purchased from Giuseppe Zanotti online & the “Benedict Basic Aviator” sunglasses from Neiman Marcus. But in the event that spending thousands of dollars on designer duds isn’t your thing, here are a few high heel & clothing styles (with moto jackets!) inspired by the fashionista herself that won’t break too much of the bank!

Get Miranda Kerr’s Giuseppe Zanotti Studded Sandal-Clad Look for Less:

xo Cristina M.
Photo Credit: giuseppezanottidesign.com, google.com

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