All Summer in my Teva Platform Sandals - A  Complete Review

Teva's Universal Flatform sandals are lightweight, water-resistant, and vegan shoes with a 4.8cm/1.88-inch heel height.

Technically flatform sandals (because of the evenly raised platform), these fashion sports sandals have polyester canvas straps secured by velcro, an EVA insole and a fine rubber outsole.

It's a recurring Teva style with many different colors and patterns. The chunky look will make a statement no matter what you wear with them.

Generally, these Teva Universal Flatforms are very comfortable and cushioned. They provide arch support thanks to the arched outsole that molded great to my high arches.

Comfort and Support 4/5


Overall, Teva sandals fit a bigger, and this style is no exception. I recommend sizing down a half to full size when buying the Teva Universal Flatform.

Sizing & Fit 5/5


They're excellent sandals to walk in thanks to the upturned outsole and soft, yet firm footbed. And they're much more robust and sturdier than you might expect.

Durability & Performance 5/5


Cleaning these Tevas is as simple as dunking them in a soapy bucket or washing them off with a rag of soap and water.

Maintenance & Cleaning 5/5


They go with many more outfits than one might imagine, including sundresses, jumpsuits denim dresses and even slim midi dresses.

Style and Versatility 4.5/5


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