Shoes To Wear With Sequin Dresses & Skirts To Be Party-Ready!

Sequins top the list for glamorous birthday, holiday parties & 2024 New Year's outfit choices!

Yet picking the best shoes to wear with sequin dresses or figuring out what to wear with sequin skirts or sparkly pants is an essential part of the outfit process.

Here are my suggestions for the best shoe colors & styles to suit your sequin dresses, no matter what their shade or how intricate the print!

If you're going to be on your feet and can't handle the heels, you can opt for a classic black pointed-toe flat pump. Which can look just as chic!

Black Pumps with Sequins


This will be the most subtle shoe style that will let your dress sparkle & your feet look glam. A fabulous pedi is required!

Black Minimalist Sandals


This pairing works well with any color sequin dress & is especially visually seamless with matte stocking and suede shoes.

Sequin Dress with Black Shoes + Tights


Strappy black heels add a dash of sass & loads of seduction to an already sultry look.

Black Multi-Strap Heels


The right simple bootie – such as the ones featured in the image above – will look fab with your sequin dress outfit.

Ankle Boots with Sequin Dresses & Skirts


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