Best Color Shoes To Wear With A Red Dress

Whether worn as a Valentine's Day holiday outfit, a daring date dress or a bold evening look, one thing is for certain: we ladies love bright red dresses in 2024! 

However, the dress selection is the easy pick. Since the dress color is so bold, deciding what color shoes to wear with red dresses, can be tricky.

In this red dress styling guide, I'll help you choose the best shoe color to go with your red frock & give suggestions on what heels for red dresses work best.

A great option to let your red dress shine is pairing it with a neutral shoe like beige, blush, or matching them to your skin tome.

Red Dress + Nude, Beige or Blush Shoes


Whether a warmer or cooler toned  gold-hued shoe, this shade definitely reigns supreme for elevated looks!

Red Dress with Gold Shoes & Heels


Can't decide on a color shoe? go colorless with trendy clear heels!

Red Dress with Clear Shoes & Heels


I love the stark contrast of these 2 shades, creating an instant color-block effect between dress & shoes.

Black Shoes with a Red Dress Adds Drama


If gold isn't for you, silver shoes are a cool contrast to a red dress. They are best matched with metallic silver jewelry.

Red Dress with Silver Shoes 


This will look very Christmas-themed, and unless you're going to a holiday party, I would avoid this duo!

Avoid Green Shoes


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