What Color Shoes for Khaki Pants and Dresses

If you're searching for inspiring ideas on how to wear khaki pants and dresses with the right shoes & accessories, you've found the place on shoe-tease.com!

In this  styling guide, I will show you what color shoes to wear with khaki pants outfits and dresses.

Hopefully, you'll walk away – in the right shoes! – inspired with a slew of khaki pants and dress outfit ideas!

As beige is a lighter neutral than khaki, beige shoes will offer a subtle contrast with khaki pants and dresses.

Beige Shoes with Khaki Pants and Dresses


Black shoes are usually bold choices, but with khaki pants and dresses – a more somber khaki, it is not.

Black Shoes with Khaki Pants and Dresses


Think matte gold booties with a button-down knit dress or shiny gold slides with khaki shirt pants and dresses or summer frock.

Gold Shoes with Khaki Pants and Dresses 


Patent pumps, slides or even booties will add some glam shine to matte khaki pants or dresses.

Blush Shoes with Khaki Pants and Dresses


A great Earthy tone to wear with khaki outfits! However, this mix of hues will your khaki pants or dress more casual.

Brown Shoes with Khaki Pants and Dresses


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