6 Months In My New Balance 990 V6s: A Dad Sneaker Experience

The New Balance 990 V6s are a less chunky dad sneaker style due to their sleek design as running shoes vs. walking shoes, which dad sneakers usually are.

They have a suede and mesh upper and FuelCell foam midsole that claims to give a forward-propelling bounce and a comfortable, durable fit.

They've been my go-to walking sneakers for school drop-offs and comfortable weekend wear with jeans.

Since day 1 of wear, they have been very comfortable. Like wearing comfy slippers, really. For optimal comfort during extended wear, I recommend sizing up by a half size, or even a full size if you have wider feet.

Comfort and Fit


After 6 months, these have held up great. They show very few signs of wear.

Durability and Performance


They're still stylish and relevant to my current outfits and general fashion trends. The grey tones easily match with many colors, including black, white, and in-tone grey outfits.

Style and Versitility


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