Best Shoes to Wear with Wide-Leg Pants for Women in Fall/Winter

Embrace Fall/Winter Trends: Comfort is Key to the Latest Wide Pants Outfit of 2024, and Choosing the Right Shoes is Essential!

Thankfully, there are many great options of what shoes to wear with wide-leg pants and outfits.

Whether you're wearing them as part of a pantsuit, with a bodysuit or blouse, or more casually with a t-shirt and moto jacket, the shoes in this story will fit the fashion bill!

Chunky sneakers look great with wide-leg pants. These include dad sneakers, platform sneakers, retro sneakers, and sneakers with a thick sole.

Chunky Sneakers with Wide-Leg Pants


Usually made of wood and rustic-looking, you can find a variety of styles for fuzzy lined ones for winter.

Clogs with Wide-Leg Pants


Ankle boots are perfect for Fall, but to look extra trendy, square-toe boots with a block heel is where it's at. These boots add a touch of interest to any outfit.

Ankle boots with Wide-Leg Pants


Combine low Chelsea boots with cropped or ankle-length wide-leg pants, adding a flowy blouse and layered necklaces for a more dressed-up look.

Chelsea Boots Wide-Leg Pants


Chunky loafers are an excellent option for those who want a little bit of extra height and edge to their outfit. Ideal for winter office wear, pair them with wide pants and a tailored blazer for a polished look.

Loafers with Wide-Leg Pants


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