Best Color Shoes With A Champagne Dress

In order to determine what color shoes go with a champagne dress, deciphering exactly what color “champagne” is, is a great place to start. The color champagne definitely has roots in the bubbly beverage!

The color champagne definitely has roots in the bubbly beverage! Yet, depending on which “champagne” you choose, the hue can vary from yellowish-gold, to silver-gold to even a rosey-tinged gold.

This variance of color makes it sometimes difficult to choose the right shoe color. But don't worry, I've got this for you!

Silver is obviously more subtle and will be a more delicate balance with your dress.

Silver Shoes


If you want to play matchy-matchy with your dress, but don't want to choose a metallic shoe option like gold, beige shoes are a fab option.

Beige Shoes


A favorite shoe that literally goes with everything, you can't discount a white shoe to look fab with your champagne dress!

White Shoes


Want to add some extra pizzaz to your look? Pick transparent heels with some sparkle! Mules, sandals or pumps are great choices.

Clear/Transparent Heels


Not a usual shoe color choices, especially not for champagne dresses, but why not? It adds contrast, but slightly less than black shoes do, but with more color.

Navy Shoes


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