Best Color Shoes to Wear With Emerald Outfits & Dresses

Whether you're looking to clothe your bridesmaids in the perfect shoes to match their emerald outfits and dresses or you want a great shoe to wear with your favorite emerald dress, here are some great options.

The great thing about emerald outfits and dresses is that aside from a couple of exceptions, the following shoe choices will go with many emeralds.

So if you're looking to wear an emerald outfit or dress & having trouble deciding which color sandals or pumps to pair with it, you've come to the right place!

This color combo makes for a great bridesmaids dress + shoe pairing or for a cocktail party.

Silver Shoes with Emerald Outfits and Dresses


A warmer alternative to silver, gold is one of the most sophisticated shoe colors you can wear with all emerald outfits and dresses.

Gold Shoes with Emerald Outfits and Dresses


Black shoes are almost guaranteed to look great with anything, so this one is a true no-brainer!

Black Shoes with Emerald Outfits and Dresses


White shoes work well with emerald dresses/outfits & the less minimal the shoe, the more casual it becomes.

White Shoes with Emerald Dresses/Outfits


Another great shoe color to wear with emerald outfits in order to create a more laid-back & “earthy” feel, are brown shoes.

Brown Shoes with Emerald Dresses & Outfits


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