Amazing Non-Slip Spray For Shoes

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Shoe grip spray is just that – it sprays on a tacky substance that adheres to the shoes’ outsoles in order to add traction aka grip and make shoes less slippery.

Here are the best top-rated products to help prevent slippy soles.

Bare Ground’s product states that doesn't harm rubber or leather and is particularly grippy on ice and snow.

Shoe Grip Ice & Snow Non-Skid Adhesive Spray


Routine use of the Performance Grip spray improves rubber-soled shoes' performance on new or used rubber outsole shoes.

Performance Grip Basketball Shoe Spray


It is safe to use on leather and rubber outsoles. It is one of the stickiest non-slip shoe sprays, so use sparingly as needed.

Bare Ground Slip-Grip Non-Slip Shoe Spray


This non-slip shoe spray is a great product to use on athletic trainers on squash, basketball, or volleyball courts.

Python Racquetball Anti-Slip Court Shoe Spray


It adds a layer of stickiness for better grip and traction, especially under wet conditions. Add this spray to a football to prevent fumbles due to slipperiness.

Mueller Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer


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