Your Guide to the Different Types of Heels for Women

In today's story, I'm going to walk you through the different types of high heels, from kitten heels to sky high stilettos.

You'll also become familiar with all the high heel styles, heel names, heel shapes and the various heights available.

Each heel type will be illustrated, so you'll come out of this guide with visual knowledge too.

Many women prefer wearing kitten heels because they are easier to walk in, compared to their high heel counterparts, but seen as more elegant that a simple flat.

Kitten Heels


This allows the wearer's weight to be distributed evenly along the whole base of the foot. Walking and standing in wedge heels is hence a lot easier.

Wedge heels


They are the opposite of cone heels, as they start more narrow where attached to the shoe, and flare out – aka widen – towards the base.

Flare Heels


Although they might be a preferred shoe for ladies who like to dance on poles, shoe designers have shaped them into a fashionable trend.

Lucite Heels (Clear Heels)


Mary-Jane heels are similar to pumps, but they have a fastening in the middle of the foot, usually a buckle or strap.

Mary Jane Heels


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