Why Are Golden Goose So Expensive

If you're into fashion – especially shoes – then there's no doubt that you're familiar with Golden Goose sneakers.

Today I'm here on shoe-tease.com for a thorough Golden Goose review of both the Superstar and Hi Star sneakers!

I bought both styles myself for everyday wear, not just for photo ops! So if you're looking for a Golden Goose review to decide how these sneakers will last with frequent wear, this story is for you.

GG shoes are handmade in Venice, Italy. The high quality and craftsmanship and paying fair wages in Italy come at a higher cost.


The materials used to make the sneakers- suede, leather, and mesh- are high quality and robust.


Lots of thought has been put into Golden Goose sneaker design, from the juxtaposition of different materials and added hidden wedges.


GG sneakers have a luxury status associated with them. As a luxury brand, Golden Goose prices its sneakers in a way that makes them less accessible to the general population.


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