Where to Buy Shoes & Heels for Small Feet

Buying the perfect shoe is infinitely less frustrating than buying the perfect dress. That is, until you start shopping for petite shoes for small feet!

If you're searching for where to buy shoes for women's small feet, this Shoe Story has got a great list of options for you.

You will find everything from cheap shoes for small feet, to the daintiest of designer petite heels!

If you're a shoe size 4-5 and are after mid-range to designer shoe brands, Nordstrom‘s small size women's shoe section is a must for you.

Nordstrom & Nordstrom Rack


They carry sizes 4-5.5, and offer shoppers basic black sandals to fun & trendy shoes with stripes and bows.



Petite Shoes (the store!) is a must for women with feet smaller than a size 4 looking for a shoe that's truly special.

Petite Shoes


When Candace from The Minted Mama named Zara as a store option to buy petite shoes for small feet, it kinda blew me away, as I had no idea!



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