Where To Buy Large Size Womens Shoes – Brands & Retailers

Having to shop for large size women's shoes can be rather difficult. Not only on your wallet but on your confidence too.

And it can be especially frustrating to see your friend's shoe closets brimming with cute shoes in every style & color imaginable.

But much like shoes for small feet, many retailers are now coming up with new, stylish, and most importantly, affordable large women's shoes.

Stuart Weitzman is a godsend for large size women's shoes. Shoes go up to size 12 and come in narrow, medium, and wide widths.

Stuart Weitzman


A favourite amongst the fashion crowd, Sam Edelman offers on-trend shoes for sizes up to 13.

Sam Edelman


Although they carry up to large size women's shoe size 14, Nordstrom women's shoe size 12 is their most popular category.



They sell every shoe style, at every price-point and offer up to women's size 12. You can even buy a shoe in each size if your feet are not balanced!



They carry trendy and fun but also classic shoes up to a size 12 and prices range from $5 to $365 depending on the shoe style.



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