What to Wear With Golden Goose Sneakers Outfits

Golden Goose sneakers are stylish shoes that go with everything. Especially if you're looking at styling white or off-white GG sneakers.

Golden Goose sneakers are a closet staple for many a fashion-savvy gal. The sneakers are comfortable, stylish, and versatile. Not to mention how durable they are!

Today on shoe-tease.com, I'm going to give you a visual rundown on how to wear Golden Goose sneakers for casual dressing, office looks and more elevated occasions.

Golden Goose Outfits with Dresses

Wearing them with a sporty dress and t-shirt dress is a given which will always work! However, these are ideal sneakers for dressing up a printed sundress or sweater dress.


The ultimate cool-gal way to style Golden Goose outfits is to wear them with a pantsuit. And so many pantsuits with work well with your suit, I promise!

Golden Goose Outfits with a Pantsuit


GG sneakers look great with a matching sweatsuit for a very casual outing. Add a pair of Golden Goose sneakers for a luxe element to your laid-back look.

Golden Goose Sneaker Outfits with Joggers & Sweats


No matter how minimal or busy your skirt outfit is, most GG sneaks will look fab!

Golden Goose Outfits with Skirts


My fave combo in summer is wearing my Golden Goose sneakers outfit with shorts. So many styles of shorts, tailored, Bermuda, denim mini shorts and more will work.

Golden Goose Outfits with Shorts & Rompers


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