What to Wear With Clear Heels Outfits

Whichever style you choose, clear heels are sleek, versatile shoes that go with everything. Well, as long as the occasion calls for it!

Clear heels are even more versatile than skin tone matching nude shoes. That’s because they are transparent and can look virtually invisible, depending on the style.

The downside to clear heels? They can be less comfy and require foot care and shoe prep before wearing them.

Wear your clear heels and slip dress for an evening soiree or to pair with your bridesmaid dress.

Clear Heel with Slipdresses


For a party or new year's event or even a bachelorette, pairing a sequin dress with a clear heel is stunning!

Clear Heels with Sequin Dresses


Leather dresses plus clear lucite heels are a match made in edgy heaven! If you want to look fierce, this is a pairing worth wearing.

Clear Heels with Leather Dresses


From cropped to wide-leg pants and everything in between, dress pants can look great for all occasions and outfits.

Clear Heels with Dress Pants


Shiny, matte, or leather leggings will also look extra chic with a pair of clear heels. These pants are perfect for a night out.

Clear Heels with Leather Pants & Leggings


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