What Style and Color Heels for White Dress

The days of nixing any white clothing after labor day are dead & gone. How you wear your whites, however, is another thing altogether!

That's why I've written this story about the best shoes to wear with a white dress. Including which shoe types – flats, boots, and heels – work well with white dresses.

Best for casual looks, brown is a great neutral tone shoe to pair with your white dress for an office look.

White Dress with a Brown Shoes


Clear heel outfits are great not to distract from more ornate dresses, or for a minimalist white dress outfit.

Clear Heels with a White Dress


A true poppy red will look great with all shades of white. And it's one of my top recommendations on what to wear with red shoes!

Red Shoes with a White Dress


Pink shoes with a white dress give a dose of sugary sweetness to your look. The whiter the white, the more contrasting these will be.

Pink Shoes with a White Dress


Yellow shoes with a white dress make a bright and energetic combination that can be styled for both day and night!

Yellow Shoes with a White Dress


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