What Shoes To Wear With Mom Jeans Outfits To Look Stylish!

What are mom jeans, exactly? Named for the looser high waisted jean cut that moms wore in the 70s, jeans referred to as “mom jeans” are somewhat different than they were in the past.

Mom jeans can be more or less relaxed in fit and either have a tapered leg or straight leg.

Current mom jeans are sleeker with a more flattering cut than their rather baggy-around-the-hips 1980s and 90s counterparts. Thankfully that means that they look great with a variety of shoes!

Depending on how high of a heel your mules have, they may or may not be for everyday wear. The lower the heel, the longer you can walk around.

Mules with Mom Jeans


For a touch of sophistication, loafers will do the trick. A slightly cropped pant leg or rolled cuff will help showcase your loafers too!

Loafers with Mom Jeans


If shoe trends at the playground are any indication for moms, then Birkenstock outfits with jeans – including mom jeans – are the epitome of casual fashion!

Birkenstocks with Mom Jeans


Take a cue from her casual-cool style and team your mom jeans with a wool coat and knit sweater on top and Oxfords on the bottom.

Oxfords with Mom Jeans


Sleek and always on-trend, minimal ankle boots will suit any occasion. Wear them with confidence knowing you look amazing!

Minimal Ankle Boots with Mom Jeans


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