What Shoes To Wear With Joggers & Sweatpants For Women’s Outfits

In our story on ShoeTease today, I’ll be going through the perfect shoes to wear with joggers and how to top it off with the right coat, purse, accessories, and coats, if the weather calls for it.

You’ll even learn what shoes to wear with dressy joggers, like those silky faux leather ones so you can enjoy the comfort of joggers even at a fancy soirée.

We’re talking retro styles here, with the comeback of New Balance including the 990 style – these grey-toned ones are all the rage right now!

Dad Sneakers with Joggers


With or without a platform, slip-ons will look great with joggers or sweatpant pant legs alike, whether a tapered jogger or bulky straight leg sweats.

Slip-on Sneakers with Joggers


If you want to be as trendy as can be, wear your sweatpants and heels outfit with a kitten heel.

Joggers with Kitten Heels


These are perfect sandals to slide into when you’re wanting to keep things super casual, but sporty chic.

Joggers with Sporty Sandals


You can rock a matching sweatsuit with your Birkenstocks as long as the shoe color works with your outfit. A cute leather bag will tie things together.

Joggers with Birkenstocks


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