What Shoe Color for Light Pink Dress

The most resilient color trend over the past years that is still going strong is light pink in fashion, beauty & home decor. This color literally isn't going away any time soon!

In this story we're talking the same form of soft, blushing, often light pink-meets-beige that looks good on everyone & makes for a strong fashion statement!

White shoes with light pink dresses work all year round – just use a protective waterproof shoe spray for snowy and wet days!

Light Pink Dress and White Shoes


One of the starkest contrasting shoes with a light dress is to black shoes. Likely you already have them in your closet, so it's a cinch!

Light Pink Dress with Black Shoes


If there is a metallic silver or buckle to your dress, matching it to your shoes would be ideal!

Light Pink Dress with Silver Shoes


If you're looking to not deviate too far off your light pink dress with a shoe color, rose gold shoes will look lovely!

 Light Pink Dress with Gold Shoes


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