What Color Shoes With Light Blue Dress Outfits

Today, let's focus on what color shoes work best with a light blue, powder blue, baby blue, ice blue or sky blue dress. Or whatever color the kids are calling it these days!!

I'll be handing out helpful tips on how to choose accessories for your light blue dress with the right shoes, jewelry & purses for all sorts of occasions, including bridesmaid styling!

If you're going to a more casual (read: not cocktail or formal) event, the shoes for a light blue dress this time around could very well be brown shoes.

Light Blue Dress with Brown Shoes


White shoes with a light blue dress will give a simple elegance to your outfit.

White Shoes with Light Blue Dress


All yellow shoes with a light blue dress look great. However, mustard yellow is a personal favorite, but even a sunny yellow can look fabulous.

Yellow Shoes with Light Blue Dress


Perfect for a garden party, tea party or bridesmaid in a wedding with pastel colors!

Pastel Pink Shoes with Light Blue Dress


The cool tones in the shoes match perfectly with the cool hue of the pastel blue dress. It creates a breezy, effortless look that's anything but boring.

Light Blue Dress with Silver Shoes


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