What Color Shoes to Wear With Lavender Dress

If you’re looking for ideas on how to wear lavender dresses with the right shoes & accessories, you’ve found the right place at shoe-tease.com!

In this dress styling guide, I will show you what color shoes to wear with a lavender dress outfit. I will also give advice on the perfect purse, small accessories and jewelry to complete the look.

Lavender is a beautiful feminine spring/summer color that dazzles as a bridesmaid dress, cocktail dress, prom dress and more.

Since beige shoes are neutral, they will look great with a lavender dress. If they match your skin tone they will act as a nude shoe.

Beige Shoes with a Lavender Dress


The brightest combo of shoes with lavender dresses is surely white! And it’s a favorite color shoe to pair with light purple outfits of all kinds.

Off-White & White Shoes with Mauve & Lavender


Currently, the most popular metallic footwear hue for formal events is gold. And gold happens to go well with lavender dresses too!

Gold Shoes with a Lavender Dress


To add a subtle hue to your lavender dress, try blush pink shoes. They might be skin tone color while for others they will give a bright contrast to your feet.

Blush Pink Shoes with Lavender Dresses


Always a bold choice, black shoes go with a lavender dress if high contrast is what you’re after.

Black Shoes with Lavender Dresses


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