What Color Shoes To Wear With Burgundy Dresses & Outfits

What color shoes to wear with burgundy dresses or outfits is the real conundrum. So if you're looking for what colors to wear with burgundy dresses, you've come to the right place!

I'll suggest burgundy dress accessories, such as the right color purse colors, jewels & accessories to go with burgundy dresses.

No matter what burgundy outfit shade you're wearing (maybe it's slightly more brown, purple or orange-y), each of the shoe colors here will work.

The pale pink really adds warmth & prettiness and is especially a good combination with wine red & burgundy dresses & outfits.

Beige Shoes with Burgundy Dresses and Outfits


White shoes are generally unexpected & look great in optic white or even off white if you're looking not to distract too much from your burgundy dress outfit.

White Shoes with Burgundy Dresses


Brown shoes with burgundy outfits make a subtle & elegant combo. Best for casual or office outfits, brown shoes are understated & can look very chic.

Brown Shoes with Burgundy Dresses


Definitely not for the faint of heart, as you will definitely steal the spotlight! I definitely recommend contrasting red shades here.

Contrast Red Shoes, Burgundy Shoes with Burgundy Dresses


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