What Color Shoes to Wear With a Silver Dress Outfit

In this story, I'm spelling out what I believe are the best colour shoes to wear with silver dresses or outfits. And by "silver," I mean anything from the lightest metallic to the darkest pewter.

So essentially, silver both light & dark. I just love a good silver dress, whether laminate materials or a silver sequins & knowing how to compliment it is key.

However, even strappy versions of a classic shoe can go really well with silver, as you will see in this story.

I would stick with a matte black shoe if your dress is very shiny or has lots of sequins, opting for the likes of velvet, suedes or matte.

Black Shoes with Silver Dress


Whether you choose to match your metallic shade to that of your shoes or go for a contrast is up to you.

Silver or White Shoes with Silver Dress


They will make your legs look longer, so it's definitely an option worth the mention!

Nude or Gold Shoes With A Silver Dress


If there's a contrast color that works well with a silver dress it's red! Festive and fun, I love either bright or burgundy hues.

Red/Burgundy Shoes with a Silver Dress


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