What Color Shoes to Wear With a Khaki Dress

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In this dress styling guide, I will show you what color shoes to wear with khaki dress outfits and army green dresses.

As beige is a lighter neutral than khaki, beige shoes will offer a subtle contrast with a khaki green dress. This, whether the shoes match your skin tone or not.

Beige Shoes with Khaki Dresses


Black shoes are usually bold choices, but with a khaki dress – a more somber green, it is not. However, it is still a classic and go-to shoe color.

Black Shoes with Khaki Dresses


Gold shoes with khaki work for more than just formal events, paired with a khaki gown or Hervé Léger-style bodycon dress outfit.

Gold Shoes with a Khaki Dress


If you're keen on wearing brown shoes with a more formal dress, have them match your skin tone. This will create a ‘nude' shoe to show off the dress.

Brown Shoes with Khaki Dresses


When thinking about what color shoes to wear with a khaki dress for festive occasions, silver shoes come to mind!

Silver Shoes with Khaki Dresses


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