What Color Shoes To Wear With A Grey Dress & Outfits

If you're on Instagram, scoping out fashion & OOTDs, you've probably noticed a trend towards neutral, colorless outfits for all seasons.

As much as colors might be trending on the catwalk, bloggers & fashionistas alike are loving their black, white and grey tones even more, each season.

But as we at ShoeTease, specialize in shoes, I'm here to chat about the best color shoes to pair with your grey dress or outfit, no matter how light or dark your greys may be!

Although the contrast is subtle, it's a pretty and neutral pairing for those wishing to inject a bit of warm color to their outfit.

Beige Shoes with Grey Dresses


Nothing beats fashionista-friendly white sneakers with your grey shift of sweater dress! But with any grey outfit, white shoes will look sleek & polished.

White Shoes with Grey Outfits


When solely black or white shoes aren't doing it for you, get your feet into a two tone black & white shoe!

Black and White Shoes with Grey Outfits


If you're looking to add some fun to your grey outfit, a pair of contrasting shoes or heels with your look are a must! Neon colors look fantastic with light greys.

Pop of Color & Contrast Prints


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