What Color Shoes To Wear With A Grey Dress & Outfit

If you're on Instagram, scoping out fashion & style, you've probably noticed a trend towards neutral, colorless outfits for all seasons.

What I love most about grey outfits & frocks is their ability to play well with most colors. They are also so versatile: you can wear them casually or easily dress them up for work or dinner.

This is great if you're dealing with kids or wanting to look polished from morning until evening, when you don't have time to change.

Nothing beats fashionista-friendly white sneakers with your grey shift of sweater dress! But with any grey outfit, white shoes will look sleek & polished.

White Shoes with Grey Dresses


Aim for a contrast metallic with this combo. Like bright silver shoes with a darker hued grey dress or a light grey dress with metallic chrome shoes.

Silver & Chrome Metallic Shoes with Grey Dresses


If you're looking to add some fun to your grey outfit, a pair of contrasting shoes or heels with your look are a must! Neon colors look fantastic with light greys.

Contrast Prints with Grey Dresses


I love a pair of charcoal grey OTK boots with a light sweater dress or lighter grey flats with an almost black grey dress. Perfect to add interest to monochromatic looks!

Contrast Grey Shoes with Grey Dresses


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