What Color Shoes to Wear With a Brown Dress Outfit

From caramel, tan, chocolate, to brown-hued animal prints there are lots of variations of this earth tone dress.

A simple brown dress or brown outfit can take you from the office to evening cocktails, and from summer to winter!

As neutral shades become more prominent, learning how to wear a brown dress with the right purse or shoes – even down to jewelry – is a must. Especially since your accessories can make or break your outfit!

If you match your skin tone with your beige heels, your legs will look longer. Purse color tip: White, beige or brown purses would look great, as would a pop of pink or yellow.

Beige Shoes with a Brown Dress


Gold Shoes with Brown Dress Outfits

Gold is literally a color of shoes that goes with anything, including brown dress outfits! Jewelry tip: Jewels will look best either in gold or black tones.


The contrast creates more interest in your overall look. Purse color tip: You can keep purses neutral in tan, beige, white or black.

Brown Shoes with a Brown Dress


Red Shoes with Brown Dresses

The trick to wearing red shoes here is to contrast with brown. Purse color tip: Black, white, grey or a tan purse would look subtle here.


Green Shoes with Brown Dress Outfits

If you're looking for brightly colored shoes to wear with a brown dress, green is so much fun. Jewelry tip: Add even more fun to your look with MORE color in your purse choice!


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