What Color Shoes for Yellow Dresses

If you're curious about what color shoes to wear with a yellow dress or outfit and what purse you should style right along with it, you've come to the right place!

I've done my best to feature a multitude of yellow shades & dresses so you can easily scan this story to see if the shoe color I've recommended applies to your specific styling situation.

A striking contrast to yellow, black shoes will let your sunshine dress pop to the max of its abilities!

Yellow Dress with Black Shoes


Metallic shoes, whether gold, silver, bronze or pewter never fail to disappoint with any look. Yellow outfits included!

Yellow Dress with Metallic Shoes


When in doubt, a beige, blush or any shade that matches your skin is a great way to let your yellow dress remain the focus of your look.

Blush/Beige Shoes with a Yellow Dress


I love a good white or off-white shoe with any yellow dress, especially for the Spring/Summer season.

Yellow Dress with White Shoes


The warmth of the shoe blends in, without taking away from, the yellow outfit.

Yellow Dress with Brown Shoes


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