What Color Shoes for Royal Blue Dress Outfits

Finding the right shoe color for certain color dresses may be more difficult than others. Royal blue might seem like a more complicated color to match with the right color shoes.

That's because it's a bold, very cool-hued tone that seems daunting to pair with the right shoe color. Unlike, say, white or black dresses.

However, you'll be happily surprised at the number of unexpectedly fabulous color shoes to go with royal blue dresses! Also true when looking at accessory colors such as jewelry and purses.

Great for the summer months and as a winter bright, a pair of white heels, ankle boots or sandals will liven up a royal blue dress for any occasion!

White Shoes with Royal Blue Dress


All metallics look great with a royal blue dress. Perfect if you want to look chic at a wedding or fancy party.

Gold Shoes with Royal Blue Dress


If beiges & browns are considered great color shoes for royal blue dresses, then leopard print or natural colored snake prints will be a hit!

Royal Blue Dress With Animal Print Shoes


Clear shoes are THE shoes of the moment, especially in high heel form. And they will literally go with anything, including a royal blue dress.

Royal Blue Dress with Clear Shoes


Pick something strappy, minimal & elegant! Make sure your shoes have been dyed to match your royal blue dress in the same hue.

Blue Shoes with Royal Blue Dresses


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