What Are Stilettos? Are Stilettos Vs Pumps Different?

Today we're going to talk about one of my favorite heels: stilettos! I'm going to tell you all about them. What is a stiletto heel? Where did this heel originate from? How high are stiletto heels?

You'll also find out what most stiletto heels are made of, some pros/cons, tips on how to wear them and the best retailers to shop them at!

I'm also going to be including an in-depth comparison between stilettos, pumps, kitten heels and more.

When comparing stilettos vs pumps, the main thing to understand is that the stiletto is a type of heel, while pumps are a shoe “body". Both styles above are pumps, but only the one on the left is a stiletto.

Stilettos vs. Pumps: What's the Difference?


Kitten heels are defined by their height: they are less than 3 inches tall. Stilettos are along with their width and height: more than 2/3 inches tall.

Kitten Heels vs Stilettos: What's the Difference?


Stiletto heels are defined by their height and thinness (typically 1cm in diameter). So chunky are the polar opposite of stiletto heels.

Chunky Heels vs Stiletto Heels: What's the Difference?


Stilettos elongate the foot, legs and add height to the person wearing them.

Stiletto Heels: The Pros


Stilettos, if very high, will not be appropriate for all occasions, such as conservative offices and events.

Stiletto Heels: The Cons


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