Wearing Birkenstocks With Socks: A Style Guide For Women

Birkenstocks are a popular summer-to-fall shoe choice. These can fit many aesthetics from minimalist to sporty to contemporary, and of course, granola mom!

Today on shoe-tease.com, I'll show you how to make these types of sandals work with socks. Birkenstocks can be worn with various socks – from simple to more ornate.

Birkenstock Arizona sandals look cozy with socks! The most popular Birks style works well with socks as their laid-back and chunkier aesthetic lends itself to thick socks.

Arizona Sandals


The double-strapped, fold-over sandals will wrap your feet up like a warm croissant and works great with various styles of socks.

Kyoto Sandals


Their aesthetic is minimal and the shoe comes in many neutral colors. Like the Arizona style, you can find them with or without a shearling footbed or fully covered in it.

Boston Clogs


Pair them plain or frilly socks or fun prints if you feel like going all out!

Buckley Clogs


I'm a big fan of this Birks style without socks, but they can also work with them. The criss-cross straps might make things tricky, though, as the sock can get pinched in.

Siena Sandals


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