Ever spotted a shoe and wondered WTF? Yep we’re talking ugly shoes here, people!

Well over at the ShoeTease shoe story, no freaky shoes are left unturned. We absolutely love our deliciously decadent high and low footwear. We love to teach you how to style them!

So look out for our Freak Shoe Friday stories & space a few minutes for a much needed ugly shoe & ugly boot eyesore! Because if weird shoes is what you’re after, we’ve got your fix!

Just a funk, Sicilian folkloric-theme heeled bootie to put a smile on your face & anyone wearing them.

Freaky Or Fantastic? Colorful Dolce&Gabbana Pom Pom Boots


Fendi's been creating a ton of furry shoes, accessories & bag charms for a while now. It is a huge shoe trend, after all!

Fendi’s Furry, Fluffy High Heels


Actually, I'm not quite sure what it is! Either way, it's one of those shoe designs that I can't help but appreciate.

Crochet Frog Sock Heels


Made of suede, leather and hot-pink shearling, these questionable kicks are reminiscent of that self-proclaimed “cool guy” who sat behind you in high-school math class.

FENDI Pink “Hair” Sneakers


Adidas Stan Smith sneakers are all the rage this Spring & are the hands down, no contest fashion blogger favorite.

Adidas Stan Smith Wedge Sneakers


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