Types of Loafers for Women, Men & Unisex Styles

If you're looking for a versatile shoe to add to your wardrobe, it’s worth peeking at the different types of loafers available.

Known to many as shoes that go with everything, loafers are a staple shoe type that should be included in every man and woman's wardrobe!

I hope this guide to the different types of loafers can help you learn more about the various designs, history and how they are styled today.

Trendy now for women in their classic leather form or with lug soles to create an edgier look.

Penny Loafers


When styling horsebit loafers, I prefer to keep the rest of the outfit fairly simple, as they can make a statement of their own.

Horsebit Loafers


Tassel loafers are considered some of the least formal loafer types, probably because they're so fun!

Tassel Loafers


They typically have thinner, flexible soles and a fitted upper made of supple materials for better movement and control of the foot over the vehicle's pedals.

Driving Loafers


Lug sole loafers are any loafer style with a thick, platform-like rubber outsole with dents for better traction when walking.

Chunky & Lug Sole Loafers


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