Tight Boots, Here’s How to Stretch Leather Boots!

Tight boots are uncomfortable to wear and can give you terrible blisters. These methods listed here, on shoe-tease.com, will work with too tight boots that are both short and tall.

I’ve had my own turn with too tight boots in my day. And the investigative research that led me to discover the best way to stretch new boots. That's how I found out there are so many options!

DIY Methods to Stretch Boots at Home

You just need to wear two pairs of socks while wearing the boots. Or one very thick pair. It's simple enough, but it can get uncomfortable.

Wear Thick Socks 


Boot stretchers are a top choice and one of the best ways for stretching out boots in a precise and even manner.

Use a Boot Stretcher


All you need is equal parts rubbing alcohol & water, in a clean spray bottle and voilà! Such an easy way to stretch tight boots.

Stretch Boots with Rubbing Alcohol


This is a great way on how to stretch boots in the foot area without needing to wear them for hours.

Freeze Your Boots


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