The Complete Guide To Different Types Of Boots For Women

If you're looking to learn about different types of boots for women, along with the various boot style names, and boot length names, your search is over!

I'm going to walk you through all the types of boots for ladies: from ankle boots to knee boots to trendy styles like combat & cozy shearling boots.

Of course, every few years a new style pops up – often a hybrid boot form. I feel like I'm constantly discovering more boot styles by the day!

Ankle boots are some of the best boots to wear with dresses, jeans and skirts!

Ankle Boots


Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots' particular trait is that they have an elastic panel on the side. Most types have a loop or tab at the back heel so that they can be easily removed.


Sock boots are named as such for their knit or jersey fabric that fits tightly around your ankle & legs, just like a sock.

Sock Boots


While riding boots are for horse riding, they’re no longer that limited and are a great type of boots for ladies to give off a pretty, country club vibe.

Riding Boots


Combat boots are rugged, purposeful footwear worn during – you guessed it, combat or training for it.

Combat Boots


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