The Best Types of Jeans for Women

Lots of women are wearing jeans again after wearing comfy clothes for a while. So, it's a good time to talk about which boots go with jeans. Don't worry, jeans are still in style for women!

Some women don't wear tight jeans anymore, but many jeans are still popular. These days, a less distressed denim fabric and high to mid-height waists dominate the jean trends.

Here are the most popular types of jeans for women, with a roundup of which shoes look best!

Straight leg jeans are roomier than skinnies, they can accommodate many more shoe and boot styles, especially with wider-width styles.

Straight Leg Jeans


To get the most flattering look, choose wide leg jeans that fit snugly at the waist, hips, and upper glutes.

Wide Leg Jeans


Skinny jeans are the easiest to pair with most boots. Especially sleek and slim-fitting boots! They fit seamlessly on top or just at/under your jean hem.

Skinny Jeans


Flared jeans exhibit a more pronounced flare, bootcut jeans have a minimal flare, while bell bottoms take the flair to an even more exaggerated level.

Flare Jeans


For high-up baggy jeans, they should fit well at the waist. This makes them look more chic, even if they're loose.

Baggy Jeans


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