The Best Glue for Shoes That Are Torn & Breaking

If there is one torn or tattered fashion item that brings me down, it's a case of a broken shoe. Let's discuss the top shoe glue and how to choose the right one for you!

You will have great adhesive choices for sneaker repair after reading this story.

Here are some of the top-rated, best glue for shoes on the market today.

It's made especially for shoes and footwear of all kinds. It will work wonders on broken heels, peeling outsoles and more!

Shoe Goo Repair Glue


Durable and safe for most materials, it can easily help bond parts of your shoes together including leather, pleather, rubber and even tougher materials.

Gorilla Super Glue


Loctite Super Glue is versatile and can be used as a shoe glue on leather, rubber, cloth, vinyl, reinforced polyester and more materials.

Loctite Shoe Glue


It bonds to leather, suede, GORE-TEX and other technical materials, making it a great glue for athletic shoes too.

Gear Aid Aquaseal Shoe and Boot Repair Adhesive


Krazy glue provides a quick and easy solution to all your shoe repair problems: from sneaker sole repair or fixing that hole in your favorite boots.

Krazy Glue Super Glue


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